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Finally, you can leverage the long hours you’ve spend building a community because the most popular FaceBook social plugin is now available for Twitter…

It is now pretty much common knowledge that in a Post-Penguin/Panda world, you need to foster a strong social following to keep your site ranking highin the search engine rankings


I went on a hunt to see how many of the most popular websites are using social widgets/gadgets/plugins on their sites -

I found that by far most…I mean a huge number…of websites use the FaceBook “faces” widget or some variation of it on their sites…

This is just a tiny listing of some of the huge authority sites use their followers faces or profile pictures on their sites…

  • NPR
  • SEO Moz
  • ProBlogger.net
  • ABC News
  • Forbes
  • Social Media Examiner
  • This list could go on…and on…and on…

Did you see that?
You can set TwitterFaces to show the faces of people who follow you, or show the people who you follow.

That means that you have the choice to 100% control exactly who shows up in the plugin! I can’t think of any other social plugin that gives you this much control.

When you buy TwitterFaces, you’ll Get

  • WordPress Plugin
  • video walk through of exactly how to use it on your website
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  • Really Easy to Install and Use
  • Free Updates
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