WordPress Updater Bot

Wordpress Updater BOT

16% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Wordpress sites are getting hacked by the masses daily.
I know getting hacked is scary, because many of my sites were hacked….

However, this led me to develop a new desktop software to
QUICKLY & EASILY mass update & secure all of my sites with just 1 click.
Now all of my sites are updated, secured, and are automatically
backed up daily giving me peace of mind….

Update & Protect ALL of Your WordPress Sites From Malware and Hackers!

How The Mass wp Updater Bot Works:

This is a very easy to use desktop program. Just enter a list of your
Wordpress sites, then click to update. All updates and Plugin installations
are done inside your WP-ADMIN panel. So there is NO NEED for
FTP or CPanel hosting account logins required.

There are other web-based mass WordPress management services online.
But would you be comfortable keeping all of your WordPress login details on their servers ?
Or would you rather keep your login details safely on your own computer?

With the Mass WP Updater Bot, your WordPress login details are stored safely
on your computer
 and can easily be backed up to an external zip drive if you like.

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