WordPress Plugins Reviews – WP Instant Curator

WordPress Plugins Reviews - WP Instant Curator

WordPress Plugin Creates Content That Will Get You Traffic…FAST… By Giving Google Exactly What It Wants (When It Wants It)

FREE WP Instant Curator Plugin
If You ever wanted to be able to Create Content in a matter of Minutes on Your Blog using Articles, RSS, Video, Pictures, Music, Events, Monetization Links, etc., and then Watch the GoogleBot go Crazy for it; then the Instant Curator is Your Answer! Fast Indexable High Quality Content for Your Blog in Just Minutes, created for Google AND Your Blog’s Visitors!!

Simply Pick from One of Our Built in Content Sources (or Add Your Own), choose Your Keywords or direct Parameters, Insert the Shortcode (or Multiple Shortcodes) into Your Post via Drag ‘N Drop, Hit Publish and WHAM!!

Instant Curated Content with Built in Attribution!!
(or No Attribution when not required by the Source)

You can add an UNLMITED Number of Content Sources to Instant Curator on Your Own if You want. There is No Limit!!

Google Loves Curated Content!!
Everyone Knows that Google Loves High Quality Content and that is why Curating Content from other sites is the sure fire way to SkyRocket Your Blog to the top of the Rankings! Content Curation is the future of Blogging on the Web and with the Instant Curator You now have the Most Powerful Content Curation Tool available to make Curating Content Fast, Easy, and highly effective at Pushing Your Blog to the Top of Google….FAST!!

This is not Auto Blogging, this is Content Curation!!

From Rohit Bhargava:
In the near future, experts predict that content on the web will double every 72 hours. The detached analysis of an algorithm will no longer be enough to find what we are looking for. To satisfy the people’s hunger for great content on any topic imaginable, there will need to be a new category of individual working online. Someone whose job it is not to create more content, but to make sense of all the content that others are creating. To find the best and most relevant content and bring it forward. The people who choose to take on this role will be known as Content Curators. The future of the social web will be driven by these Content Curators, who take it upon themselves to collect and share the best content online for others to consume and take on the role of citizen editors, publishing highly valuable compilations of content created by others. In time, these curators will bring more utility and order to the social web. In doing so, they will help to add a voice and point of view to organizations and companies that can connect them with customers – creating an entirely new dialogue based on valued content rather than just brand created marketing messages.
Here are just a few of our Current Content Sources

And Just Added…

Want to See what Instant Curator can do? Watch the Overview Video Below:

Add Your Own Content Sources!!
Watch as I create a new Content Shortcode, create a template for it, and then create a New Curated Post in WordPress using multiple Content Sources all in 16:08 Minutes while slowly talking you through the entire Process!!

Drag ‘N Drop Content ANYWHERE on Your Blog in Seconds!!
Watch this quick 30 Second Video which demonstrates how you can use Instant Curator’s Drag ‘N Drop functionality anywhere on your blog and in ANY Plugin in just seconds.

Instant Curator Integrates with Advanced Content Tools

Add Articles from Jon Leger’s ArticleBuilder service instantly using Instant Curator. *Purchase of this service is Required to add this functionality.

Spin ANY Content on Your Blog using The Best Spinner. *A The Best Spinner License is required for Activation.

Spin ANY Content on Your Blog using Spin Rewriter. *A Spin Rewriter License is required for Activation.

[LEFT]Let’s Take a Look at What the Instant Curator Can Do for Beginners:

Create Content Instantly from almost 30 Sources
Use Drag N Drop Editor to Insert Instant Curated Content into ANY Post or Page in WordPress
Create Your Own Shortcodes or Edit Current Shortcodes via the Drag N Drop Template
Spin Shortcode Content (using The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter API’s)
Restore Default System Shortcodes (after modifying them)
Automatically Download any Remote Image your Shortcode Pulls in and store it locally (Big for SEO)
Turn any RSS feed into a Shortcode Instantly
Turn any XML feed into a Shortcode Instantly
Preview & Refresh Shortcode output via the Blog Frontend
Use Instant Curator Shortcodes Inside other 99% of other Shortcode Enabled Plugins using Drag ‘N Drop!
Instant Curator is 100% Compatible for use with WP Robot, WP Turbo, Blogsense, ReviewAZON, WPZONBuilder, etc., etc., etc!!!

Let’s Take a Look at What the Instant Curator Can Do for Intermediate and Power Users:

Create Unlimited Custom Shortcodes
Export Shortcodes to sell/exchange
Dynamic Refresh of Shortcode Content on Timer/ View Count etc.
Turn any REST API into a Shortcodes (advanced)
Turn any YQL query into a Shortcode (very advanced)
Turn any PHP script into a s Shortcodes (uber advanced)
Add Custom CSS for each Shortcode

Massively Powerful Rapid Fire Shortcode Engine Powers the Most Powerful Content Generation Tool Developed in 2012!!

There is literally NOTHING like this Plugin ANYWHERE!! The Content Sources are Endless You will NOT need another Content Generation Tool again after You Purchase Instant Curator. No Desktop Tools or WordPress Plugins provide you with the range of Content Curation possibilities and Content Templating abilities that the Instant Curator provides.

With Instant Curator You can build 100% Google Penguin Friendly Posts right from Your WordPress Post Editor using Articles from Your favorite Niche Site, Adding Your Own Comments about the Article, then adding in Pictures, Videos, Monetization Links, and More!

What Can the Instant Curator be Used for?

Creating 100% Google Penguin Friendly Curated Posts or Pages from ANY Content Source
Creating Templated Content for use in WP Robot
Building Unique Amazon Affiliate Sites with ReviewAZON Templates or any other Amazon Shortcode Enabled Plugin
Building Affiliate Datafeed Enabled Blogs with Unique and Curated Content Mixed in.
Run PHP Enabled Shortcodes inside Your WordPress Posts or Pages
and the list goes on! There is no end to the possibilities with this Plugin!!

The Question Really is: What Can’t the Instant Curator Plugin be Used For!!

And Now the Reviews Are In!!!

See What Our Customers Are Saying:

With a Plugin this Powerful and with So Many Options for use, this Special Offer can only be run for a Limited Time. We will be Launching this Plugin via Clickbank in a few short Weeks at a Much, Much Higher Price. So if You are sitting on the Fence, You May Want to Jump Right Now Before it is Too Late!!

Do Not Wait Another Minute! The Price will be Going Up Every Few Sales on a Dimesale!!

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