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Read on to discover how to identify, target, open, and close, hot ‘n ready leads with a sneaky elite level software.

From the desk of: Your offline software man in NYC, Ali G.



Last time I looked, you’re here to make some freakin’ money and not read an epic, hype-y novel…

So let me explain why I had to create kick-ass Facebook and google+ lead generation software for my personal offline marketing business…and explain it fast.

Fresh New Leads = Fresh New Money

This is how it works in any business.

If you sell information products online.

If you are a Clickbank, amazon, or any other type of affiliate.

If you promote via a Facebook Fan page or other social media.

If you have a Niche blog or e-mail list.

If you provide services to online or offline clients.

You can’t have new customers if you don’t have new leads.

Simple enough, right?

But as you may already know, the typical wells of leads and traffic are pretty dry.

Marketers are fighting for scraps in ‘em.

The 4 Most Popular Ways To Attract Leads
(skip the other WSOs…I reveal all of their stuff right on this page) and Why They Suck

We’re probably all too familiar with the old, over-used, under-effective ways to find leads…

  1. Dig up their website on the 2nd page of Google, send them one of 39 e-mails they’re probably going to receive today, wait and hope and twiddle your thumbs and keep hoping for the best which rarely, if ever, comes.
  2. Buy leads for $1.00 – $25.00 a pop with little knowledge of if these leads fulfill the 4 requirements of a good lead (coming up in a sec). Bye bye money, I’ll miss you.
  3. Cold call businesses and Get shut down 99% of the time. Bye bye confidence, I’ll miss you too.
  4. Attend local events for small business owners. You’ll be able to reach approximately .00001% of your market this way, if you’re lucky.

And even if you do all four of these time and capitol intensive things, you still aren’t guaranteed GOOD leads.

Odds are, your leads still won’t meet the criteria of a stellar hot lead…(4 rules for this coming up in a second).

Most importantly, I needed a full, fresh pool where I could snap my fingers and have the juiciest leads swim right up to the top of the water… and that’s why I turned to Facebook and Google+.

These two social media sites are particularly fresh. 99.9% of marketers don’t use them to properly generate and close leads.

Read: more cash for you ‘n me. 

So I wanted in, and I wanted in right away.

I invested a lot of money to get a lean, mean, lead-pulling machine made quickly and perfectly… I call this machine Social Lead Freak.

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