Free WSO -Marketing On The Fringe 3.0

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Let’s Be Clear About MOF 3.0

The MOF 3.0 Software is a Autoblogger wordpress Plugin
It requires you to be able to work with web hosting and domain names (We do provide excellent training)
It will require you to have a quality host such as Hostgator. Cost for this service rangse from $6.50 per month to $34.00 per month
It requires you to purchase domain names with an average cost of $10.00 per domain. We recommend
The MOF Software works on addon domains, sub domains and folders!
Build incredible fully-automated websites with 14 different content sources plus advanced marketing in record time. Marketing on The Fringe makes automated websites a reality.
Can a Newbie do This!!!!

Well that is a question you have to ask yourself. Be honest?
Will you follow instructions?
Can you afford the domains names and hosting?
Are you willing to give the software time to start earning money?

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