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This trend is of course only going to continue – and most pundits predict that it will only be a few years before the majority of web traffic will come from handheld devices.

We have noticed this trend too – our own stats match these numbers…

But our customers are increasingly worried about whether their sites are mobile friendly and whether our products will help or hinder them.

And so they should be… If you, as an internet marketer ignore the surge of mobile you are going to miss out on a lot of money – and in the long run you won’t make any at all!

All this of course also presents a challenge – and as you know we love to go into research mode and come up with unique solutions to challenges like this…

That’s just what we did – but in the process we quickly learned a lesson that we need to share before we can move on…

Making A Blog Mobile Friendly Is Easy…
But Monetizing Mobile Traffic Is Bloody Hard!


There is no shortage of mobile themes out there – and also plugins that will let you run mobile versions of your themes.

WordPress itself is pretty mobile friendly these days and all but the most outrageous themes at least look half decent in mobile browsers.

The 5% traffic from tablets is not really a problem either – your site usually displays just as well there as on a normal laptop.

The 15% (and rising) traffic from smartphones does pose a challenge though as the screen and thus browsing area will always be smaller than on a PC.

As I said it’s easy to make a blog look good on smartphones…

But it’s just that… looks only!

Quite frankly this is where most people get it wrong – they think that as long as their site looks good on mobile, they are good to go.

We are internet marketers and while having a nice looking site is good for business it’s only a means to an end.

At the end of the day we do what we do, because we want to make money from it.

And this is where smartphones pose a real problem…

Think about the different ways you can monetize your blogs:

  • You have ads on your sidebar
  • You use pop-ups, slide ins etc.
  • And you may have purchased a bunch of plugins to help you monetize your blogs

All these have one thing in common… they are utterly worthless for mobile traffic!

A lot of ads simply don’t work on mobile and even if they do they will usually be hidden out of view… And if people manage to find you ads and click on them, they are almost always taken to sites that are not mobile optimized and the click is wasted anyway.

Heck the main way to make a WordPress theme mobile friendly is to strip out the sidebars – and I bet that takes away most of your blog monetization.

The fact is that…

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