Auto Welcome Cash

This wordpress Plugin Will…

  • Give you a Welcome Splash page with an Ad (optin, Adsense, CPA offer, optin form, video, etc)
  • It will redirect automatically (if you take no action) to your landing URL. The time delay that YOU set. My blog has it set to 15 seconds.
  • It will give you the option to bypass the Welcome Ad page by clicking on the Click Here To Continue link on top right. I can change the link text to anything I want.
  • It displays a quote on the top left. I can put anything here….even a hyperlink.
  • I can change the background header and main content area to any color that I want with a cool color picker.
  • I don’t have it configured, but if I wanted, I can add many different types of ads, and have then rotate every time you refresh your browser. How cool is that! :)
  • The page is cookied, so if you wait 20 seconds to redirect to my blog, you will not Get the Welcome Page again during your current browser session…unless you clear your browser cookies/cache.
  • What is cool about this, is that whatever link you click on to visit my blog, you will get this Welcome Page, and it will redirect you to the same URL path you clicked on. :)
  • Short Codes Support – Yep, it integrates with my other best selling products, such as: wp Optin Pro, Shortcodes Deluxe, traffic Player, Covert Player, etc…

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